It’s time for us all to get right into the adventure that is travel. Part of the experience of visiting so many different places across the world is actually sharing our times with others, projecting a visual image from the encapsulated memories in which we hold. The great thing I see in travel though, is that each experience we have is different, and non-standardised. What I get from travel is different to you, and if you visit a place I did 10 years ago, I’m sure it will be different! But that’s what’s exciting we can’t predict the experiences we will have and memories we will create. So don’t just sit around, and think maybe I’ll visit somewhere someday. Don’t be a maybe person because anyone can do that, be instinctive and go!  Life’s full of regrets, don’t be a person that gets to the end of their life wishing they’d visited somewhere, your time is nigh.

Let’s get right into it then! Hit up my first travel experience next:

London – Let’s start from home!