Now, I’m not going to complain about living a luxurious life. That’s very nice, and I’m incredibly grateful for that and the experiences I’ve had, especially travel related. But I’m being very honest when I say that I don’t like staying in 5* hotels. There’s quite a few things that bug me about them, you can read more about some of my issues with them below…There are so many advertised benefits of these hotels, and you always see people sharing posts on Facebook, dreaming of visiting them. But, I am a man that likes the simple life, and these hotels just don’t do it for me. They really put me off!

In staying at a luxury hotel, the staff are unlikely to recommend a delicious cheap local eatery, but more so their Michelin star restaurant with the most elaborate dishes. I don’t enjoy these, I’d rather have something filling and delicious, not expensive and often disappointing. You don’t get that honesty and personality with luxury hotels. The staff must uphold a standard and not deviate from the robotic persona that they are trained to meet. It’s very disappointing.

The price hike between a 4* and 5* hotel is crazy also. It’s often hundreds more, and I can very rarely justify that. I’ve been much happier at every 4* star hotel than any 5*, even the lowly Ibis and Premier Inn hotels have an authenticity about them with an enticing price tag, no catches, no extras.

Plus with these hotels, you feel forced to tip the staff, so often too! Always someone wanting to help you with one thing or another, which you can easily do yourself, and you know after, you’re gonna have to scramble for some change of some sort to tip them with for their service.

So for me, I’d rather leave the pretentious hotels to do their thing, and I’ll take a standard hotel with honest friendliness, and a good attitude towards guests. These are the people that make my stays miles better, and plus I save a lot of money, or points too!

Let me know what you think of them below. Maybe I’m just being too narrow minded about this?