Being such a travel fanatic, I absolutely love this short movie. At only 26 minutes in length, it’s great for procrastination or just a good watch. Yes it’s got romance, comedy and all sorts of cliches but damn, I love it. Probably one of my all-time favourites! I really encourage you to take a watch of this!

Why is this my favourite short movie?

  • It has such a low exposure at this time, despite being available for quite some time. This is a quality piece of work which deserves to be more wide-spread!
  • It is incredibly inspiring and encourages you to take life and experience everything it has to offer you
  • It’s got such a romantic theme behind it, and it’s heartwarming as a result
  • It is also a comedy in some sense, with both irony and self depreciation.
  • So much is condensed into a meaningful and powerful movie
  • It’s the first film ever shot and edited at 35,000 ft in the air!


“Departure Date” a story about taking control of your own destiny and following your heart, regardless of where it takes you to. When Jake lets the girl of his dreams slip from his grasp, he experiences a heightened, magical awakening at 35,000 FT with the help of the eccentric and soulful passengers that he comes into contact with. Will he be able to take control of his destiny and get the girl, or is that just another movie cliche?

(Sorry for the short post but it speaks for itself, and I’m sure you will enjoy it!)