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Recounting my trips, albeit a few years too late!

ODEON: Behind the scenes


Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some amazing experiences at the ODEON in Worcester, my local cinema. The first of these was on Friday 24th Feb 2017, I decided to make visit to the cinema, to see the new release ‘Sing’ by one of my favourite movie production companies; Illumination Entertainment. This ODEON is the cinema my parents used to bring me to when I was younger, although I’ve been elsewhere for the past 8 years or so, I returned but as a student. And absolutely nothing had changed, the whole interior, the same carpets, layout and even the smell. All the memories came flooding back. This cinema I love for this reason. Its got a loveable retro style and it reminds me of classic cinema, it doesn’t try to be something its not with shiny surfaces and pretentious ticket prices and I hope it never changes…

*All opinions are of my own and ODEON have not paid me to write this*

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Why I won’t be changing my travel plans…

Tourism has been hit hard by attacks over recent months and years. To name a few, Tunisia, Paris, Brussels and of course aircraft incidents too, Sharm and the German wings flight both come to mind amongst others. So many terrible atrocities shaken many.

With the attack in the Westminster area of London yesterday, I thought this post is appropriate now. We need to address OUR issue.

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Why I don’t like staying in 5* Hotels…

Now, I’m not going to complain about living a luxurious life. That’s very nice, and I’m incredibly grateful for that and the experiences I’ve had, especially travel related. But I’m being very honest when I say that I don’t like staying in 5* hotels. There’s quite a few things that bug me about them, you can read more about some of my issues with them below… Continue reading “Why I don’t like staying in 5* Hotels…”

How to get the cheapest train fares…

Trains are something most people love to hate. Many of us take them everyday, often several, and what are the first things that come to mind? Overcrowded? Dirty? Expensive? Well, yes, they often are! But there are some exceptions to that rule! Read this post to find some tips about how to get the cheapest train fares. These rules are no representation of European train travel, that’s a totally separate post which will come later on!

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Why this is the best short-movie…

Being such a travel fanatic, I absolutely love this short movie. At only 26 minutes in length, it’s great for procrastination or just a good watch. Yes it’s got romance, comedy and all sorts of cliches but damn, I love it. Probably one of my all-time favourites! I really encourage you to take a watch of this!

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How to find the cheapest airfares…

This is a question which so many people want answered and they will search the internet all day and night to find the perfect key to unlock these secret and mysterious deals that are only available to the minorities. Well yes, they do exist, but if there was a simple formula and everyone knew how to get them, then they wouldn’t exist. Many of the ways to find cheap deals are as a result of fiddling with tickets, and no, the airlines don’t like it. While it’s not illegal, it’s certainly frowned upon by the airline industry and some methods will have your ticket cancelled by them if they find out what you’re doing! But don’t let that put you off, you can get some extraordinary deals on many routes, especially the long-haul routes, and premium classes too.

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From Prestigious Airports to Human Cattle Sheds.

Travelling through an airport can be both one of the most enjoyable things to do, or more likely, the most enduring experience you will have to undertake. In this post, I will aim to detail some of my opinions about certain airports around the world. These will include the very worst, and most hellish experiences to the industry leaders. Let’s get straight on-board!

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Lacklustre Lyon… Part 2

Finally! We have got round to Part 2 of the hellish trip! This is going to detail the journey down to Lyon and the city experience itself! I also have quite a few recommendations and suggestions within this post, so it’s worth a read! Thanks.

*All photos are mine, unless otherwise mentioned*

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Upcoming Features!

I’ve decided to change up this post. Now I’m just going to talk about the latest updates that are coming to the blog so you can get a feel for what I’m considering creating and you can pitch in your ideas too. (Basically, it’s my to-do list! Shhh!)

– Brand new posts about new destinations (Ooooo Where’s it gonna be next!)

– Part 3 to ‘Lacklustre Lyon (It’s getting tense!)

– Constant updates to my Top Tip’s page

My Upcoming Booked Trips:

  • Paris (Exclusive 787 Dreamliner Flight) (March 2017)
  • Knock, Ireland (April 2017)
  • Croatia/Bosnia & Herzegovina (April 2017)
  • Edinburgh & Aberdeen (May 2017)
  • Dublin (May 2017)
  • Barcelona (July 2017)
  • Cyprus/Athens/Rome/Paris (August/September 2017)


Thanks for your continued support and patience while I create quality content for you!

Lacklustre Lyon… Part 1

* Those photos not of my own have been linked below – This trip happened in May 2016*

This has to be one of the weirdest and most disorganised trips we’ve ever taken. Where we had an organised plan for everything, it all ended up going out the window, merely weeks before departure and in the end we spent more time travelling than we did actually in Lyon, which to me is somewhat of a good thing. I’ll explain more below!
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High Flyers & Descending Reputations – Airlines

*All photos are of my own*

Airlines. They are all out to make the most profit possible, just like any other company, but why do we as the customer see them as ruthless? Maybe it’s their plethora of terms and conditions which they love to catch us out with, the hidden extra charges, poor service and even bad value for money. We all have some airlines which we vow never to fly with again, but how many of us actually keep that promise? I’ve had my fair share of experiences with different airlines and here I am going to detail a few of them, I invite you to comment down below with your own experiences in relation to mine!

I’ll update this post when I fly with new airlines / have updated experiences with previously flown airlines.

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London – Let’s start from home!

*All Photos are of my own*

There’s a lot I could say about London, but nothing would really present everything that it’s about!

London is a destination many people from around the world want to visit and there is so much I could say about it, so if you have any specific questions about visiting London (Attractions, Transport, Anything) just contact me via the form. This is more of a guide for visitors to London, made up of my knowledge from all the times I’ve been through London.

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